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Güneş pili Solar Panel 230w
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güneş pili

Product DescriptionMaximum Power (WATT) 230W
Optimum Operating Voltage Vmp(V): 30V
Optimum Operating Current Imp(A): 7.66A
Open circuit voltage Voc(V): 37.31V
Short circuit current Isc(A): 8.19A

Solar Cell:156*156 poly
Number of Cell:6*10
Seize of Module(mm):1650*990*40
Caple&Connector Type:Pass the TUV Certificate
Frame(Material Corners,etc.):Aluminium-alloy
Backing(Brand Type):TPT
Junction Box Type:Pass the TUV Certificate
Tolerance Wattage: +/-3%
Front Glass Thickness(mm):3.2
Temperature Coefficients of Isc(%):+0.05
Temperature Coefficients of Voc(%):-0.34
Temperature Coefficients of Pm(%):-0.45
Temperature Range:-40 degree to 85 degree
Surface Maximum Load Capacity:2400Pa
Allowble Hail Load:23m/s,7.53g
Bypass Diode Rating(A):12
Quality Guarantee: 2 years product warranty, 10years 90% and 25 years 80% of power
Standrand Testing Condition:Irrandiance 1000w/m2, Module temperature 25 degree, AM=1.5

Configuration 2 pcs per carton Pallet Quantity 36pcs/pallet Loading 504 pcs/40ft; 252pcs/20ft

Model: SM230P
Standard: CE/TUV/ICE/VDE
Productivity: 1MW per month
Trademark: SunMaster



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şarj kontrol ünitesi

Product DescriptionBrief Introduction
Our photovoltaic (PV) controller adopts the advanced electrical controlling technology, through which sun energy converts into electricity and surplus electricity stores in the battery. Comparing to normal PV controller in the market, our PV controller has additional charge function with small current, that means when system reaches overcharge protection voltage, our PV controller adopts small current for charging, in this way it can improve the utilization factor of solar cells and extend the lifetime of battery. Therefore out PV controller is an ideal controller for charge/discharge controlling in the solar applied system. In addition, out PV controller has advanced light control function to solar powered light system, it automatically switches on the lamp at night and switches off at day time, it also can switch off the lamp by the setting time, so this controller specially is suitable for controlling street light and PV power supply system.

Main Functions
Our PV controller has the following protection functions:
*Battery reverse connection protection  
*Solar panel reverse polarity connection protection
*Over load and short circuit protection
*Back flow from battery to solar module protection
*Battery open circuit protection
*lighting surge protection(in case necessary)
*Deep discharge and overcharge protection
*LCD display
Technical Data
TYPE  Rated Voltage(Va)  Rated load current(A)  Over change Voltage (V)  Over discharge   Voltage(V)
5A  12V/24V  ≤5A  13.7V  10.5-11V
6A  12V/24V  ≤6A  13.7V  10.5-11V
8A  12V/24V  ≤8A  13.7V  10.5-11V
10A  12V/24v  ≤10A  13.7V  10.5-11V
12A  12V/24V  ≤12A  13.7V  10.5-11V
16A  12V/24V  ≤16A  13.7V  10.5-11V
20A  12V/24V  ≤20A  13.7V  10.5-11V
24A  12V/24V  ≤24A  13.7V  10.5-11V
30A  12V/24V
36V/48V  ≤30A  13.7V  10.5-11V
40A  12V/48V
36V/48V  ≤40A  13.7V  10.5-11V
45A  12V/24V
36V/48V  ≤45A  13.7V  10.5-11V

Trademark: SunMaster


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inverter cihazı

Product DescriptionFeatures:
*Power is a electronic product which change into the AC electricity (110V/230V) from DC electricity (12V. 24V. 48V. Etc)
*Our products have adopted the new international technique, it has the following advantage: High converting efficiency. Automatic protection, small volume, light weight. Low noise, no pollution, easy to repair.
The inverter has the following protection function
*Over input voltage protection
*Low input voltage protection
*Over temperature protection
*Battery reverse connection protection
*Over load and short circuit protection
Technical Features:
*Standard input voltage: DC 12V/24V/36V/48V
*Output voltage: AC 110V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
*Rated Power: 110W-10KW
*Output wave form: Modified sine wave/sine wave
*Converting efficiency: >85%
*No load current draw: ≤0.3A
*Suitable to the environmental temperature: -100C~+550C
*Socket: American standard/Euro-standard, different of socket available.
Trademark: SunMaster


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